Top 5 Most Played: Mobile MMO’s

As the years go by, and the MMO gaming genre becomes more an more popular, it has expanded worldwide. As part of this, in recent years, the Mobile market has been flooded with both old and new MMO’s that have made mobile gaming a fully functioning system of it’s own. This is a short list of the Top Played Mobile MMO’s of the first quarter 2017. While this is supported by download numbers and active player numbers, it is only my personal list of mobile MMO’s that are actually relevant.

That being said, this was a difficult list to put together since most of these games have extremely large player bases and are so close in active players and downloads they are almost equally popular. However, since this is a “Top Played” I have based this list off of active players that are currently playing these game. So, lets get to it then. Here is my Top 5 most Played Mobile MMO’s of the first quarter of 2017.
Number 1: Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy is an MMORPG that plays mostly like a constant chain of turn based battles. You gather up cards that can effect your various stats and abilities to aid you as you play as one of the nameless many who have become Warriors of the Light. As you share the same name as anyone else whom you have awoken with, you must prove yourself to be the true Warrior of Light that goes by your chosen name.

The fun part about this MMO is that you get to enjoy many of the greatest scenes and adventures throughout the timeline of the entire Final Fantasy franchise! The idea of the game is extremely simplistic, and the combat can be repetitive, but the storyline is unique enough to enjoy hours upon hours of playing through it and playing the various events that are changed up daily. You can also change class and collect the many great summons throughout the many Final Fantasy games all in this little game.I give Mobius Final Fantasy the top spot on this list because it has well over 2 million registered players with over 85% of them still actively playing the game. This game also has an excellent community and is one of the most regularly updated games on the mobile market today. This game also received over 10 thousand ratings which gave it an overall rating of about 4.8/5 which is extremely good for any game with that many ratings.

For more on Mobius Final Fantasy you can learn all about it here:

Number 2: AdventureQuest 3D

While my experience with this game is a little on the lesser side, I played enough to know what it was all about. Just like the title suggests, AdventureQuest 3D is a 3D version of the classic MMO AdventureQuest optimized for mobile devices. In this game, you quest, raid, and loot your way through a cartoony world filled with other players doing the same. Similar to Mobius Final Fantasy, AQ3D also has cross-platform capabilities allowing users to party up from a variety of platforms, making it a great game to play on any device or PC.The design is a little more on the simpler side, but it has an appeal that has opened up the door to many mobile device owners and invited them to play this wonderful MMO. This game features a real time combat system and randomly generated dungeons which provide countless hours of unique gameplay and adventure. With a count of over 1 million registered players and at least 78% of the accounts still actively playing the game, this is placed at number 2 on the list. This game also has well over 250 thousand ratings overall averaging out to a 4.5/5 rating which makes it another great game for mobile device owners and pc gamers alike.

For more on AdventureQuest 3D check out the game’s website here:

Number 3: Arcane Legends

Now this game is certainly a fun hack and slash adventure. Make your way through various dungeons and regions across a massive open world as one of three different classes. Make use of dozens of skills and make a name for yourself as a hero of legends. Arcane Legends is simplistic in design and pretty limited with most things that you can do, but this doesn’t hinder the enjoyment one gets while playing this game.

There is an astounding number of registered accounts for this game, ranging well over 20 million. However, the active player base is much lower, which is why this isn’t listed as the top spot. It is however, still actively updated and holds strong with a 4.4 rating out of 5. Over 270 thousand players have rating this one 5 stars, which speaks for itself. If you’re into mobile gaming and want a good place to start at, Arcane Legends is where to begin!There doesn’t seem to be a website dedicated for this game alone, but there is a good amount of details on their Google Play page found here:


Number 4: Aurcus Online

Aurcus Online is an MMORPG where you take on the role of someone who has applied to join up with the Sword of Aurcus, an organization founded to allow cooperation among the many countries across Levaria. While this game is played entirely with touch screen UI elements, it offers a unique style of RPG gameplay. Join with other players to take on tougher challenges and journey throughout the fields as you become a more experienced fighter.This game has one of the better PVP systems that I’ve seen in Mobile MMO’s as well as a vast collection of costumes to make that perfect look for yourself! While the gameplay is extremely simple and almost like it’s tuned for a child, it’s also quite deep and offers great customization opportunities. From it’s action combat system, large player base, to the constant updates bringing in new features, I’d say this one offers one of the best range of variety out there for mobile MMO’s. There are currently over 350 thousand active players in Aurcus Online and it holds a solid 4.4 of 5 on overall ratings. I place this at Number 4 simply because it is not as high on the overall “popular” lists as some of the others, despite it’s achievements.

You can check out more on Aurcus Online here:

Number 5: HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales)

HIT is an action MMORPG that has an extremely beautiful game world and an amazing story to follow! This game is a relatively new style of Mobile MMO that can easily rival some of the best on Computers. Play as one of 5 unique characters, each with their own playstyle and skillsets, and fight against the God of Chaos who has ruined your world. Customize your character with an astounding array of equipment, costumes, and other accessories to make you stand out as your own character comparing to everyone else. Pair up with other players in co-op dungeon adventures and take down powerful bosses and earn epic loot.

HIT is still a rising star in Mobile Gaming, but it already has over 5 million players registered and over half of them actively playing the game. There are regular updates that bring in new features and customization options as well as further optimization. The story is great, combat is almost unparalleled in mobile MMO’s, and overall the feel of the game is much like that of PC MMO’s so it had a certain appeal to me as a PC Gamer. This one is last on this top 5 list as it is still a rising star with much potential still unfilled and after awhile it can become extremely repetitive. However, it still holds strong as a solid Mobile MMO of it’s own unique style. That being said, this one has a 4.4 of 5 rating with over 200 thousand rating it a 5. For those seeking a faster pace Mobile MMO, this one easily takes the cake as one of the fastest paced ones out there.

For more details on HIT check out the website here:


While there are literally thousands of good Mobile MMO’s I could list and go on for days, I will cut it off at 5. I feel an honorably mention should go to Pokemon Go, Izanagi Online, Mu Legends, and Toram Online. These games also house thousands of active players and are easily some of the top played mobile MMO’s out there. Some people may not consider all of these as “mmo’s” per say, but they deserve to be mentioned as well since they are played by a huge amount of players worldwide online.

Lastly, the mobile gaming market is growing at an extraordinary rate, so there will definitely be larger scaled MMO’s in the future, influenced by the great titles above! I had fun in each of these games and got to experience some good ol’ classics that have been absent from PC MMO’s for a long while now. The above games are literally just the tip of the iceberg!

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