Top 10 MMO’s – June

To start off, the month of June has proven to be a big month for MMO updates, expansions, and new MMO’s in general. This has added a variety of fun new things to do in some of our favorite MMO’s as well as the option of checking out some new ideas with the new MMO’s. So, in the next couple of minutes, I’m going to share my Top Ten list for MMO’s in the month of June, 2017. First though, I want to say this list is entirely my personal opinion and that it is in no way connected to the top trending MMO’s out there currently (since many of those are older games still). Instead, I want to mostly focus on the newer gems hidden in the roughness of the MMO market. So then, lets get to it starting at…

Number 10 – Crossout

Crossout is one of those games that brings back old memories of “Twisted Metal” and many of the other fun vehicle smashing games with a fun “Mad Max” style twist. That being said, it is a Vehicular MMO Shooter where players can battle each other in customized vehicles created from scrap metal in any way they decide to make them. This game has proven to be a lot of fun, especially for those who like War Thunder and other similar titles. The customization is a huge part of why this game has made it onto my list and being able to change up the vehicle to play how you want it to is a huge plus for me.

Crossout also has many modes, between team deatchmatch, control points, and even bounty hunting modes. Each mode has it’s own gameplay style where you will have to do your own part in order for your team to win. Sorry, no one is getting carried very easily in this game! You gain rewards and vehicle parts after each match depending on how well you do in that match. You can then use these parts to build an epic war machine that fits the way you like to battle it out!

While only a battle arena type game, this one has a large playerbase where their creativity knows no bounds. You’ll see vehicles from planes to spider mechs, all the way to oversized robotic humanoid looking vehicles. Things I would have never thought of myself, and yet, somehow they make it work out! Anyway, if you’re into vehicular battle arenas or just want to bring back some good memories of “Twisted Metal”, this is the game you want to try out! It’s new, and just entered Open Beta, so anyone can play it for free now. My personal rating for the game is a 7/10 since early on it’s difficult to find good matches with most of the players having really high power scores.

Checkout Crossout – Here!

Number 9 – Darkfall – Rise of Agon

Darkfall is a fantasy MMORPG set is a large seamless open world where players can do as they please. The game is a giant sandbox so you can do anything from becoming a brutal pirate to lording over others in a magnificent castle guarded by hundreds of players. There are no instances, no linear goals, and the complete freedom to create the character you like.

The game world spans 46 x 33 Kilometers and houses a variety of biomes for you to explore and colonize as your own. Be aware though, the game is entirely open world PvP, so if someone doesn’t like what you’re doing, they can take you out anywhere at any time. What shines in this game is the freedom of exploration. You can travel by foot, mount, ship, or have someone else haul you around with them! There are also many dungeons where you can explore and get the epic treasures that lie within.

There is also a very large selection of skills that aren’t locked to a class, so you can choose and use the ones you like without the hassle of having to get 27 other skills just for the one you like! This opens the door for a lot of freedom to play exactly how you like. If you’re not big on the open world pvp, you can store your items in a bank for safe keeping, as anytime you die in the field, everything on you is left behind. Brutal, but effective if you’re one who stalks your prey waiting for them to get low on health so you can sweep in and take that epic armour they’re wearing!

I can go on and on about this one, but I’ll let you decide for yourself if it’s a game you’d play. The community is a bit toxic at times, but what open world PvP game doesn’t have that? Overall, it’s a fun game if you enjoy the open world sandbox experience! I give this one the 9th spot on my list because it has some limitations on the free players that the subbed players don’t have which is a bit of a turn off for me, but nonetheless it’s worth checking out.

Check out Darkfall – Rise of Agon – Here!

Number 8 – Kritika Online

Kritika Online is a Korean Action MMORPG that entered Closed Beta late last month. This game became an attraction for many of the gamers who enjoyed titles like Blade and Soul or Revelation Online. The game has a really nice Cell-Shaded appeal that stands out much like an Anime inspired game. Similarly, you play as a Light Lord or a Dark Lord with personal goals and customization options based on which avatar you choose to begin with. You have a plethora of skills to work with and can create epic combos to make your foes tremble in fear.

The storyline leaves a bit to be desired, but the community is large and the game is a great filler for MMORPG players who are inbetween games currently waiting for the next big release. There is a wide variety of countries that Kritika is available to, so Western Translations aren’t the top priority and it shows. What makes this game stand out is the community and the environments inside of the game world itself.

From forests to deserts, Kritika holds beautiful landscapes for you to explore as you quest your way to the top! There’s certainly no lack of quests to take on either. Join friends for dungeon crawling or just try your luck and go it alone. Kritika gets the 8th spot on my list purely because the visuals alone make it worth playing. But, if you’re not like me and want a reason other than “Oh Shiny!” to play it, there are over 15 different classes that you can play. It also has a very nice crafting system that isn’t overly complicated. Either way, with the anime looking graphics, the fast paced action combat, multitude of combos and skills, this one’s worth checking out!

Check Out Kritika Online – Here!

Number 7 – Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior (ToS) is an MMORPG where you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in the world of Chaos. The world is created with Fairy-tale like visual bringing a nostalgic feeling from the earlier MMO’s back with a modern twist. ToS has 3 major classes where you can develop your own playstyle so they fit for you. The characters have a “cute and charming” look to them much like Chibi styles, and as such, they have a bunch of expressions and emotes to go with it.

Whether you want to be a quester or dungeon crawler, you can team up with others and tackle difficult challenges for great loot. You can make use of the class ranks to customize how your character fights and survives. Since there’s no fixed path for you to take, the freedom of choice allows you to do whatever you want to do and how you want to do it. There’s no shortage of quests or dungeons to take on, so whether you go it alone or with a guild, you’re able to gain riches from these.

I give ToS the 7th spot on my list since it is a unique take on free-choice MMORPG’s. Having the choice of playing how you like has always been a fun way to play a game and this one certainly has that at the front of its many features. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking around for a fun “cutesy” style game to play with friends.

Check out Tree of Savior – Here!

Number 6 – Gigantic

Another new release coming very soon, Gigantic is an arena type MMOBA similar to games like Smite. Gigantic is a third-person game where you join a team of players to fight against another team of players while also trying to take out the opposing team’s Guardian. The team that completes the objective first wins the round and so on.

There are over 16 playable heroes each with 5 unique abilities that can make or break your team’s victory depending on team makeup and how they are used. You’re not alone on the battlefield however, as you have an army of minions you can summon to aid your team. By making use of these, you can do things such as slowing the opponent or even rooting them in place. That’s right, the minions don’t only auto-attack with low damaging abilities but instead they serve a full functioning purpose for your team. Decide which minions will work best in each situation and capitalize on the moments as needed as no two are alike.

The game features some great maps with aspiring appearances and unique layouts allowing for ambushes, luring, and all the fun strategies involved in MOBA’s at a more aesthetically pleasing way. The Guardians themself will also aid in the fight against the other team, so even the winning objectives don’t stay in one place looking cute in the rearguard of the fight.

Either way, Gigantic is off to a booming start with many players and gaining a lot of popularity, giving it the Number 6 spot on my list. If you like MOBA’s and are getting bored with the older ones, this one’s certainly worth checking out.

Check out Gigantic – Here!

Number 5 – Final Fantasy 14 – Stormblood

As one could guess, it’s not really a top ten list without mentioning this extremely large and popular game, Final Fantasy 14. FF14 is an action MMORPG set in the vast world of the Final Fantasy franchise. The latest expansion has served it well in bringing back many of the players who had lost interest and because of this it is once again booming with thousands of players on the major servers.

Stormblood brings the Red Mage and Samurai classes, along with a plethora of new content for both veteran and new players to explore. The level cap was also increased to 70, giving a good amount of content for those who capped before. From new dungeons to raids and even outfits, this update brings much more life into the game and the fans have been really enjoying this one. I myself have even returned to play the game after several months and am finding many new things to enjoy.

For those who aren’t familiar with the base game, you can choose between several races and classes and even customize your own playstyle with subclasses allowing you to make the character you want to be without much trouble. The game world is vast and astonishing with the amount of detail the devs have sunk into every inch of it, which is not something you see often. The only real problems I have ever had with the game is sometimes the community can be quite rude or even screw you out of dailies by leaving the group. But if you have friends that you play with, you’ll never have to worry about that. Everything else is a great experience and definitely worth playing even with it being a sub-based game.

Check out Final Fantasy 14 – Here!

Number 4 – Tera – Fury of Lakan

Tera is a large Fantasy MMORPG that received another massive update not long ago. The Fury of Lakan update added many new quests, small areas, and two new dungeons for everyone to explore whether alone or as a team. Tera has never really lost it’s playerbase, as it has kept strong on that front and with good reason. It is considered the game that created the “Action MMORPG” genre that it is today.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tera, it’s an MMORPG set in a very large world centered around great lore, interactions, and fully voiced over NPC dialogue. There are a total of 7 races with 13 classes for you to play and explore with. Each class is unique as is each race and they are all enjoyable if you like fast action games where real skill matters. You can’t just button mash and expect to survive in Tera, so it’s always keeping you on your feet. There’s a huge amount of quests, dungeons, pvp content, and customization things like mounts, wings, and costumes too.

Whether you’re a solo gamer, or someone playing as a team with another, Tera has always been a great one to sit down and sink some time into. The newest update is well worth checking out, even if you’re brand new to the game. While the game’s been out for several years now, it’s only helped to refine it’s core gameplay and overall feel. I highly recommend checking this one out if you haven’t thought about it before.

Check out Tera – Fury of Lakan – Here!

Number 3 – Lawbreakers

Lawbreakers is a brand new Sci-fi FPS MMO battle arena where you’ll battle against other in maps that defy gravity itself! This game is filled with excitement and unpredictability. Each team has 5 players on it and they are given objectives that must be completed in order to win the match, similar to most other battle arena type games. The uniqueness of this one comes with the over-the-top sci-fi battling.

You can zip around the map using jetpacks, grappling hooks, and many other gadgets to get the jump on that opponent and you can even do it in mid air. There are gravity pockets all over the map that will allow you to become weightless and perform actions in zero-G. This gives a whole new perspective on tactical combat from way above the battlefield below. If you’re opponent is careless, they can get sniped from directly above them, quite literally.

While this game isn’t actually releasing until August, it is currently available as a closed beta. You can choose between 9 roles to play as in each match, and all of them are a lot of fun! There are only a few maps currently, but it will be expanded on greatly at launch. So, if you’re like me, and want to play something new and original that brings a new take on battle arena type games, Lawbreakers is a must play! I’ve been enjoying every match so far because of the unpredictability of each battle, which makes each battle unique and absolutely chaotic.

Check out Lawbreakers – Here!

Number 2 – Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift is another unique title added to this list. In this game, every island you see in the sky is designed entirely by the game’s players, every ship is the same way. You take on the role of a “Skyship Pilot” that has their own ship and the freedom of the entirely open skies. Your ship can be whatever shape you want, and literally however big you desire, but be aware that shape and size definitely effects how well it will perform in the skies. The world is your sandbox!

In Worlds Adrift, you can use your grappling hook to freely explore each island on the ground, or use your ship to search it from above and drop in on that perfect spot. With no set objectives, you’re free to do what you want and be who you want! What’s unique about this MMO is that there are thousands of players in the same persistent world, each having their own goals, and even their own islands that they call home. Players can even be sky pirates and take out passerby’s and steal all their loot for their lair.

So, if you’re looking for something brand new with an epic take on the skyship lifestyle, this one’s a good one to play. It’s unique in every way, from the freeform world islands, to the freedom of building your own ship exactly how you want it to look, to even looking however you want your character to look. Size doesn’t determine power in the game either, as skill is what really matters. And best of all, every island is different leaving endless amounts of exploring without it ever getting old. As you explore you’ll find better parts and be able to build yourself the best ship out there!

Check out Worlds Adrift – Here!

Number 1 – Black Desert Online

And finally the Number 1 MMO on my list is Black Desert Online. To me, this game is a gem and has never really lost any value, but instead keeps adding to its already massive game world with each major update. Recently there have been more regions, more classes, and a lot more quests for you to challenge. Since there is no real level cap, it has an almost endless replay value allowing you to get what mount you want, what house you want, and even a castle for your guild. The latest expansion adds many more of what we all love too!

BDO is a fantasy MMORPG where you have complete freedom over where you go right from the start, allowing you to make your own path as you see fit. There’s a really good storyline tied into it and everything in the game has its own lore that fits into the overall lore of the game’s world. There are over 14 classes to play now, with over 6 different large regions, from desert to jungle, for you to explore and conquer. The trading system lets you become a more passive player travelling the lands to sell your wares between each outpost and village. Or perhaps the sea is what you enjoy? You can become a pirate on the open seas, pillaging other players boats to make yourself richer and prove your might, or just be a trader on the seas too as that’s another safer possibility. Either way, if you can think of it, this game has it for the most part which is why it is still so fun to play and enjoy alone or with friends.

If you’re looking for an MMO with systems like Archeage, Tera, and all those other giant games that have epic storylines or some gameplay element that has kept your interest, check out Black Desert Online and you might just find it! The best thing that first attracted me to BDO was the character creation, which is unparalleled by ANY other mmo out there. The characters look realistic, the world is massive and beautiful, the story is amazing, there are many classes, all quests are unique and no two share the same goals, there are elephants and camels, and even mount breeding, what’s not to love right?

Check out Black Desert Online – Here!


So I hope my top 10 list has at least opened your eyes to some of the great MMO’s that are new as well as some older ones with new content. These are just my opinion and nothing more. Regardless, if you’re looking for a fun mmo to play while waiting on the next big one, there’s plenty out there if you look a bit deeper than the surface, but a top ten list helps find some of the buried ones with whatever genre or mmo style you like to play! So with that, keep on gaming and I’ll keep bringing the gems to light but for now I leave you at that.

                                                                                                   “Ride on into the Horizon!”


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