Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Expansion

A new expansion is on the horizon for Guild Wars 2, the Path of Fire! This will be the largest expansion yet, adding a ton of new content, new Elite Specializations, a new story, new maps, and my favorite, mounts! This marks the second expansion for the game, and it should be a great improvement to an already massive game world. So, lets get into the details of what will come on the 22nd of September when this expansion goes live.

Tyria in Flames

The balance of magic has been tipped, and you must help your allies hunt down the rogue god, Balthazar, who has been scorching the earth to conquer Tyria. After centuries of being absent from the gods of worship, Balthazar has made an unexpected return showing his true colors as a brutal god who manipulates mortals with little regard for their lives.

After his first plan to destroy the Elder Dragons was interrupted by the heroes of Tyria, he has raised a massive army to bring terror and destruction in the south. It’s up to you and the other heroes to put an end to this army before Balthazar can set the foundation of the world ablaze. This is an exciting new campaign filled with fun content in a brand new part of the game world.

The Crystal Desert and Elona

Two brand new maps that are filled with content relating to Balthazar’s ultimate plan to scorch Tyria will also be arriving with this expansion. From lush greenery to a vast empty desert with a magical pyramid, there will be must to explore and discover the secrets of Tyria within. These areas hold hystoric value and many secrets that has long since vanished from Tyria’s records.

The Elonian people have been silent for years, and the reason is unknown until now. You will be able to explore these massive new maps filled with magic-drenched desert plains, ancient temples and ruins, as well as beautiful oases. Balthazar threatens all of these regions, and it’s up to you to uncover the secrets and discover the fate of the Elonian people.


Prior to this expansion, you had to rely on your two feet or blink magic to get around. Leaping can be tiring after awhile, ya know! All that running around sure isn’t for me, and being slow while living in the fast lane leads to well…traffic jams. The devs must feel the same! With the Path of Fire expansion also arrives some new furry critters that you will be able to use as mounts.

Mounts are more than just a speed boost however. They will allow you absolute freedom in exploration opening the door to many previously unreachable places. You will be able to unlock and train up your new companions by using the max-level mastery character progression system. Mounts can be used to leap across canyons, bound up high cliffs, or even skim over quicksand. This is an entirely new way to explore Tyria, and I’m sure the secrets you will find will be amazing!

Elite Specializations

The Specializations were a feature added on to the basic classes to allow more options for other playstyles and weapon choices based on how the players wanted to play their class. With Elite Specializations, you’re given even more options. Path of Fire adds 1 new Elite Specialization for each of the 9 classes. From changing the role entirely, to further boosting it, these are not something to just pass up.

Each specialization offers a fun new way to play your favorite class. The Firebrand is the Guardian’s new specialization, giving them new abilities to conjure fire tombs to deal damage and support their allies. The Firebrands swap out instant support for more focused casted support, allowing a better and more stable result for your allies. The Scourge is the Necromancer’s Elite Specialization, which is essentially the role of Anubis. They protect the souls instead of taking control of them in the traditional necromancy ways. The Scourge offers more support for allies, and mobility on the battlefield, which the normal Necromancer was heavily lacking in. Next is the Deadeye, which is Theif’s new Elite Specialization. Equipped with the rifle, this Elite Specialization is essentially the long awaited sniper role. Naturally, they will be trading focus heavy damage in exchange for mobility. The Mirage is the Mesmer’s Elite Specialization, and it brings a stealthy playstyle to the Mesmer class. They can blend with their surrounding and can strike at their target from multiple directions. The big change for this Specialization is the new dodge mechanic, allowing them to blur so damage passes through them instead of having to move out of the way of an attack.

Those are just a few of the new types of roles each class can play. Others will offer just as many drastic changes to how the classes function and what they fight with. Ranged classes now have better melee options and vice versa. Lets move on.

New Armor, Guild Halls, and the Bounty System

Along with everything mentioned above, you’ll be able to collect new armor sets that show off the traditional magical and historical beauty of the Crystal Desert. After you collect a full set, you’ll be showing off your true mystique as a true protector of the desert and what it stands for as the foundation of the world.

In addition to new armor, your guild will now be able to purchase a large Guild Hall to call its very own home. This will allow players many new option to explore, hang out, and do side content as a guild. Your guild can claim its home and live like Alonian nobility!

Lastly, we have the Bounty system. As you may guess, this involves taking on powerful bosses in the open world. Offering great rewards for anyone who hunts down these beasts, you can join the fun with friends or go it alone if you dare.


If you love Guild Wars 2, and have since gotten bored with it, this expansion will bring the life back into the world you grew to love. With new things to do, ways to explore, and more maps, there’s a ton of new content coming with Path of Fire. There’s new ways to play, and with mounts, there’s nothing stopping you from going all out to ruin the plot of Balthazar and his army. Whether you’re a veteran or brand new to the game, I highly recommend checking out Path of Fire when it goes live. However, the expansion is not a free one, and it’ll cost $30 at least to gain access to the content. Guild Halls also require the first expansion to fully upgrade and utilize everything inside them. If that doesn’t bother you, then you should really enjoy all the new content coming on September 22nd!

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