Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review

Elder Scrolls Online has entered yet another new chapter in the massive world of Tamriel. In this update, players are given access to the iconic island of Vvardenfell along with the story that goes with it. This region is quite large and the update adds many new features and a new class called the Warden. Overall this update brings back many of the locations that players enjoyed in the Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind game and it proves to bring much fun to the game world that’s already filled with many fun things to do from exploring to crafting and roleplaying with other players.

The Warden

The Warden is a nature magic based class that has a large war bear companion pet to fight by their side. This class is familiar to most “summoner/tamer/hunter” type classes where the pet is the main focus of their abilities. Sending fourth powerful nature magic to dispatch one’s foes is always enjoyable. Especially true when you can summon massive trees to do the job for you.

The Warden is a ranged class of course, and they have decent survivability overall but can be difficult to play in certain situations. It definitely plays better in a group since the war bear can prove to be a strong ally to any group on the battlefield. I especially enjoyed playing this class in pvp since most people tend to focus the pet instead of the Warden, making earning points pretty easy (for now at least).

Overall, I wanna say the Warden is a fun new class that anyone who likes ranged classes should give a try. Definitely a must play for those tamers out there!

Saving Morrowind

Along with the update comes a story chain where you must band together with other players and save Morrowind from a meteor that threatens all life in the province. To do this, you’ll have to help a Demi-god get his powers back that were once lost. The chain is pretty long and every step of it is pretty enjoyable to read through. There are a few fetch quests thrown in for fun, but most of the quests in the chain deal with dungeons and fighting enemies as per most of the quests throughout the entire game.

If stopping a meteor isn’t fun enough for you, you can always do the side quests which prove to provide you with many useful items and equipment you’ll be able to use if you need to. One particular quest chain has you following an NPC’s fetch quests where she gives hints throughout her dialogue as to her hidden agenda. Uncovering that agenda will bring you into a whole different view of everything going on around you.

Aiding the Assassin

Another big addition to the game is the Great Houses of Morrowind. These three houses of political power are always on edge against each other. And well, one small act can easily cause mayhem within them, so you’ll be able to do just that. By aiding Morag Tong, you’ll get an idea of just how cutthroat their political intrigue can be.

You can participate in this story by assisting the legendary assassin in his endevours to ruin the power of the three Great Houses by murdering many of their members. Be careful though, as the challenge is great, and your sneaking skills are put to the test! Upon finishing, the assassin can become an assistant to your character.

This bit was a fun process but definitely provided a challenge since I’m not that great at stealth. For those good at it, it will probably be fun but much easier than those like myself. The rewards are worth it though!

New Battlegrounds

And finally we have a new addition to PvP, the Ashland battlegrounds! While most PvP in the game is fun, it’s more fun when there’s three factions involved. In this battleground you’ll be in a team of 4 players against two other teams of 4. You have to fight it out to control the map and keep control points before the other players can take it from you.

An awesome feature of this battleground is the ability to throw your opponents into molten lava. There’s many other height locations and other great places to ambush your enemies as well, so overall this new battleground shows us just how fun PvP in ESO can be!


Overall, I’d say this update is definitely worth trying out if you’ve played ESO before and wanted new content. Because it is Morrowind, the¬†players have absolutely been enjoying this one, myself included. There’s a lot more to explore, many new things to try out in Morrowind, and just uncovering the lore of 700 year before TES3 was an amazing adventure!

Is it worth buying? Definitely, even if you’re new to the game this one’s a must have if you’re serious about wanting to fully enjoy the game. The new class alone makes this update worth it, and everything else just adds to it!

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