Top Free MMORPG 2018 List

The top free MMORPG 2018 list is here! 2018 promises to be a great year with tons of awesome new MMO games due to be released this year.


Soul Calibur

soul calibur

One of the most interesting and fun online games around, Soul Calibur is a new browser-based MMORPG that is free to play. It launched March 1, 2018 and is currently in open beta. The game features a full-fledged single player epic story quest as well as in-depth social features such as guilds, dungeons, and daily multiplayer events. Soul Calibur is quite a fun little game you can play on your browser for free and it’s great for both solo and social players.

Link: Soul Calibur official website

Upcoming MMO Games

This the list of the MMORPGs that are currently being developed. Most of the release dates here have been announced by the game publishers. The release dates that are speculative have been marked as such. The games are not ranked; they are listed alphabetically.

Ashes of Creation

Slated for Q1 2018.

Ashes of Creation is an open world mmo where players can control their own cities, beseige others, and trade amongst themselves. The game is set on a fallen world that has been untouched by civilization for thousands of years. Players will be able to Rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover by creating massive cities with tall walls, little forts with no walls, or farms throughout this mysterious land. How the players interact will forever change the game world, creating a truly unique and unparalleled ever changing game world where cities rise and fall.

Players will be able to survey and develop land anywhere in the world, even on top of high mountains. They may also join a village and help it grow into a striving city full of trade and military protection, because face it, there will always be war where there are rare resources! Experience an every changing quest line that is determined by your actions and the way you proceed with each quest. Join other players as they take on area quests and other large scale public quests.

Witness unique and adaptive AI as you fight for survival in the wilderness, where each time to face a similar enemy, they learn from the last encounter making it even more challenging and different each time. The world is unforgiving, but the rewards can also outweigh the risks involved. Face dangers and thrive with the hidden treasures found in dungeons throughout the land. Use it to create and grow your game world into the idea of your dreams!


Dogma: Eternal Night

TBA 2018

Dogma: Eternal Night is a horror themed MMORPG set in Los Angeles in the Dogma Universe where it is always night time and mythical creatures roam free under a shady government. Players will start their life out as a human and be given the option to remain mortal or become a vampire, but all of them are mythical creatures even if disguised as humans. Purchase your own haven and live in this creature filled city to recover from roaming the city.

The game features a “no class” system where you will allocate stats freely to create your own unique builds. If a player dies too many times, their character will be permanently dead, so roaming the city is a full risk task. Join other players and take control over parts of the city and build your own territory while fighting to take others from other clans of vamps and humans alike. Make use of modern weaponry and tactics to keep yourself from going into that long goodbye, and keep your fangs ready to strike and other mythical creature stuff!


Dual Universe

Slated for Q3-4 2018. It is being development by NovaQuark.

Dual Universe is a Continuous Single-Shard Sandbox MMORPG set in a massive Sci-Fi universe. The game’s focus is on Emergent gameplay with play-driven economy, politics, trade, and warfare. All worlds are voxel-based and free-form, meaning everything on and around them can be altered by the players. Players can freely build their own ships, stations, and even create massive complex planet scale empire stations to launch their epic fleets.

Ships can be made to house hundreds of players and involve them in everyday ship activities such as navigating the stars, defending your planet, or conquering others, and go so far as to launch crazy space battles against other large ships and fleets. You’ll also be able to go solo as well, though you might not want too big of a ship since every system must be controlled by players to function properly.

The game features a true seamless universe. There will be no loading screens, no division between the stars, and absolute freedom in when and where players can go. To say massive is an understatement. All politics will depend on the players, from laws and punishment, to trade and society, making each experience truly unique on every planet. Every building, ship, and structure is voxel based allowing players to build it however they can imagine. From small huts, to massive cities and scyscrapers to crazy Pokemon themed space stations, there’s bound to be a lot of unique designs.

Players will also be able to script how the systems on their ship operate, from opening doors to controlling weapons and airlocks from a single button. If you can make it with scripting, you can make it on your ship or construct. So, whether you choose to be a trader, bank owner, space pirate, bounty hunter, fleet commander, or just a traveler among the stars, Dual Universe will offer a truly unique experience that many of us have been longing to see in an MMO scale.



TBA 2018

Revival is a Dark Fantasy MMORPG set in a Lovecraftian style horror filled world. Combat will be based off of true skills instead of simple clicking or using buttons from a hot-bar. Positioning, aiming, reaction time, and speed of motion will determine how good your attacks are. Players will be able to carve out their own section of the game world through real estate around certain areas. The game world is persistent, so real estate locations will be limited and only the quickest will get them and be able to own, decorate, and live in their own homes.

The crafting system will be in depth and require active participation such as examining the quality of materials, crushing them, smelting them, and mixing them one at a time, and then using the tools to make the item you’re trying to craft. As players interact with each other and the creatures, the world grows and changes organically evolving in response to player deeds, events, cult demises, and city expansions. The GM’s of the game will actively participate in everyday life of the game, from creatures, villains, heroes, to gods shaping the story and directing interacting with players. The best part is, the game will be cross platform, and you’ll be able to play with friends on any console the game is launched on. Every action has a reactions, and every decision should be thought out before following it or the world may turn against the players because of it.


Sea of Thieves

Q2 2018, Being developed by Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves is a pirate themed mmo that takes place on the vast shared ocean. Crew your ship with other players and engage in memorable ship to ship battles as you seek the treasures of remote islands and sunken ships. Beware, the dangers that lurk in the shadows can end your voyage early, so if there’s a switch that looks tempting, just think of all the skeletons you saw at the entrance before pulling it.

Every ship you see on the horizon can lead to epic sea battles where your pirate crew will clash against other player pirates seeking to make a name for themself as the greatest pirate of the sea. Face the legendary creatures that inhabit the unsettled islands and steal their treasures for your own crew. Defend your treasure from other pirates as they try and take it from you by boarding your ship from any side or sail.

Explore the Fantastical World full of hand crafted islands and shipwrecks in the vast undersea and unearth the secrets that lay buried there. Become the pirate you’ve always longed to be, whether you do it alone or with a gang of pirates who help crew your ship. Or get sick of your captain’s command and through a coup to become the new captain…You know, pirate stuff. You can do it all!


Wild West Online

Q2 2018, Alpha testing started Fall 2017.

Wild West Online will feature a rich 19th century style game world where bandits and criminals roamed almost every hill. The game will consist of 4 large biomes with various small and large towns as well as several outposts, caves, farms, and player owned housing. You will take on the role of a new arrival who came by the train seeking gold and glory in the Wild West.

Play with hundreds of other players in one large open world. Your actions will determine how the world will view you. Will you be the hero hunting down bounties and throwing the criminals in jail, or will you be the most notorious criminal running a gang of thieves who rob the banks of every town and village, or perhaps you’ll choose to be something else entirely in this R-Rated adult playground. How you play is up to you, and the world will have many areas that will hold many secrets for you to discover and explore.

Relax and play some card games at the saloon, or maybe enjoy some company for the night like a real outlaw would before cracking the safes of a well guarded bank. Buy your own land lot and build your customizable abode to show everyone this land is your land. Mine for gold and strike wealthy status as you sell it all to the various towns, and watch as other players break into the vaults to steal what you just sold them. Regardless how you will choose to play, there will be countless things that you can do and many places you can explore and experience the Wild West like you did in Red Dead Redemption.



Reminder: all of the games those that we expect to be released some time in 2018, whether it is as an alpha/beta testing phase or the actual full launch. However, the expected release dates may or may not change.

It’s entirely possible that some of these chosen games might not launch on schedule but this list should still be a useful resource for players who are looking for interesting new MMORPGs. This list is not final and will be updated throughout 2018 as more MMO’s go live and the launch dates are known.

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  • Bless Online should be on the list. Re-worked game slated to go into EA on Steam in 2018. Even if it is not your cup of tea, there is a large following for this game.

  • Bless is a good one, but they seem to always bounce around in terms of when they’re actually going to release it. I haven’t been up to date on what progress they’ve been making in Bless lately myself. Definitely worth keeping an eye on though!

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