Star Trek Online Season 13: Escalation Drops April 25th!

Things are about to get even more fun on Star Trek Online as Perfect World Entertainment has revealed that the next update is Season 13: Escalation – and it’s happening much sooner than you would think.

star trek escalation

Star Trek Online Season 13: Escalation is going to first drop for PC gamers on April 25th. Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners are not left out though. They will be able to enjoy Season 13: Escalation in the near future, although no specific date has been given just yet.

Season 13: Escalation sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. You will go on an epic journey to find out where Lukari came from. Sounds nice and peaceful, but that does not last as soon a Tzenkethi fleet shows up and things get very, very tense. As with all other entries to the Star Trek Online universe. The story is going to be very engaging and something players have a lot of fun with. Some very cool class specific ship and captain gear is going to be obtainable thanks to the War Games System. There is going to be some really cool loot up for grabs here as you and eight other players battle it out in five on five scenarios.

Star Trek Online is one of the more popular MMORPG’s that is out there. It is free to play and is not just playable on PC, but also Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Go and check it out now so you can get a head start before Escalation starts!

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