Revelation Online Announces First Major Game Upgrade: Stardust

Barely one month ago, Game Developer NetEase Inc. and the Publisher B.V. announced that they were taking the game Revolution Online to a whole new level by making it open beta.

For all Revelation Online game users who are really into the fantasy world of Nuanor, there’s something even more exciting coming to you from the Revelation Online developers. It is the first major game content upgrade, and the developing team is calling it “Stardust.”

A bit about Revelation Online

Revelation Online StardustRevelation Online is a story-driven game that allows an individual can take up solo adventures or group quests, all of them leading to an ultimate goal. Based in the picturesque imaginary setting of Nuanor, Revelation Online allows players to develop skills and personalities for their characters. The players live in communities called guilds. Guilds consist of players with a similar mission thus guildmates also fight together.

Other features of the game include several adventures, three-mode fighting controls, and various player versus player modes. The game also allows players to take special classes where they develop their skillset to help their guilds, for example, gun-slinging, spirit-shaping and swordplay classes.

What’s new with Stardust?

Apart from the addition of two new maps, Stardust will feature bug-fixing options as well as improvements in the game’s overall quality and effects.

The two new maps in play are the Starshatter Island for the battle-hungry Revelation Online players and the more benign Faerie’s Island for all the players who want to get in touch with their inner child.

Starshatter Island

If you feel like fighting your way besides thousands of allies to acquire countless treasures, Revelation Online developed this island just for you.

The game developers created this new island as a sort of treasure trove. The island will be mineral-rich, and the fight that will ensue over the island will be over the resources’ acquisition.

Players will be expected to work in guilds on Starshatter Island. The guild versus guild battle will also be accompanied by mining so that a guild can only be declared the winning side if it secures the minerals and defeats the opposing guild on the battlefield. This feature will be challenging for players and will sort out the master-level guilds from the rest.

Faeries’ Funland

The antonym of Starshatter Island, Faeries’ Funland will be an amusement park where players’ characters can pass their leisure time. However, the characters will not be passing the time sleeping or talking but will participate in minigames within the game. The quests will include looting treasures and advancing skills so that players can gain experience before battle.

This park will be a good way for players’ characters to unwind and work their way up within their guilds.


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  • I actually look forward to seeing what fixes they implement with this one. Hopefully the “localization” is a major part of it heh. I also look forward to participating in that funland with my #1 guild on our server. Should be fun.

    Only problem I see with it, is that it will continue to build a divide between free and paid players…as if it wasn’t already difficult as a free player. We shall see how big the gap becomes after, I guess.

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