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Global Adventures is a new top down MMORPG that features a unique “movie set” style dungeon gameplay. You take on the role of a new recruit in the THA (Treasure Hunter’s Association) and go out on missions to retrieve relics of ancient times, like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider (references included quite a bit in the game too!). Whether you’re a lone wolf, or an adventurer who likes to keep many allies close, you’ll be able to tackle fun dungeons and recover epic treasures on the lost ages. Who knows, you may even find your long lost lover amongst those treasures!

Character Creation

The character creation process is a bit unique in this game. First off, you start by choosing your desired class and the gender with it. This entire process is taking place on an animated boss fight of everyone running from a giant Incan statue that’s chasing them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animated character creation process like that before. Once you’ve chosen your class, you’ll get a few more options to further customize your toon to your liking. The best part is, you get to pick one of three different outfits! There are a few face, mouth, and eye options too, but those are limited. What’s not so limited is the hair styles, which seemed to have over 30 different options. You can color each of the parts, but the colors are just basic RGB ones. Either way, it’s plenty to create a rather unique character despite the cartoony appearance and limited options on everything but hair. After you’re done with your character, you’re thrown into the dungeon where that Incan statue came from!


As mentioned, you’ll have your choice of which class to play. Currently there are three playable classes with both genders for each. They have plans to add at least two more later through updates as well. The Demolitionist is the powerhouse of the bunch and the frontline gunner dealing heavy damage at the cost of lower defences. The Biotechnician is basically a utility tank, who can send out powerful robotic allies to deal damage to a group of enemies, or just blast them with a wide shooting beam of energy from their gun. They however lack the power that the other two classes have. Lastly, we have the Shock Trooper, who is full of controlling abilities to help keep the enemies nice and grouped up or not moving at all making it easier for allies to take them out. These guys are the most well balanced of the bunch, with no specific strength or weakness.

Entertaining Story

Whether it’s the story being told by a pervy short and chubby guy, to a wise old man with sunglasses, this game’s story is sure to entertain you in every way! From the beginning, you’re just a common person living in what looked like Japan, and you have to collect rent money from an adventuring young man who doesn’t have it. After you try getting him to pay, he makes an offer for you to join him on his adventures. You dreamt of this opportunity and are hesitant at first, but the idea of getting filthy rich is too good to pass up, as anyone would accept.

Your first dungeon takes place in a temple of sorts, where you are with the pervy chubby man who acts like a child, but has great tongue and cheek comedy in his dialogue. From there, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s coming, and the story just keeps getting better with each dungeon crawl! From raiders, criminals, mummies, monsters, and other treasure hunters, there is a plethora of stories within the game’s story, spanning all over the world!

Travel the World, Seek the Treasure!

From Hong Kong to New York, and unexplored regions of the world, you’ll find your adventures taking you all over the world. Where there’s adventure, there’s sure to be treasure and where there’s treasure…well…there’s usually bad guys waiting to stop you. In Global Adventures, the title isn’t just there for the epic sound of it, they really mean it! You’ll be travelling all over the world to areas of ancient civilizations, and modern ones like New York. You will even find yourself battling the great Kraken of Atlantis, if you dare to face it with friends. Each region has it’s own list of treasures and relics that can be found and combined for even greater power, eventually leading to weapons of mass destruction!

Reforge and Craft Legendary Weapons

In GA, you can reforge your weapons to fit the situation you’re in. This allows for a ton of customization to help you get passed the hard parts in dungeons or in the battles against the World Bosses that are sure to give a good challenge. Defeat enough World Bosses, and you’ll find yourself with all the materials you need to craft Legendary Weapons from the ashes of the Colossal sized bosses. Whether you want to use the default weapon stats, or reforge it into your own unique power toy, it’s possible to have fun either way.

 Monster Factory and PVP

In GA, PVP is much like other MMORPG’s but with a twist. Think Kung-Fu-Chaos from the early Xbox days. If you play in the event arena, you’ll be facing off against other players, yes, but there will be plenty of props such as tanks, train and rooftop battles, and many other ways that the arena is specialized for your fun. The entire arena felt like I was in an old style action movie. The second PVP option is the Avatar Arena, which is essentially raw PVP where players will fight other players for points. Everyone is equalized in this arena, so the playing ground is completely fair and balanced, making skill determine who will win.

There is also a massive 100 floor Monster Factory, where you can gather your friends and face off against hordes of enemies on each floor. From little minions, exploding goons, and massive bosses, the Monster Factory is full of surprises, and challenges. I’d recommend only attempting this if you are playing with a group of friends you know, since randoms tend to cause problems inside and most play only for themselves so they won’t back you up unless it means them getting better loot. The experience was really enjoyable though!

The Castle

After a certain point in the game, you’re given access to The Castle. With the castle unlocked, you’ll be able to purchase and place minions inside to defend it against attacking players. The minions are essentially any enemy in the game that you have faced off against prior to that point. You’ll be able to attack other players castles and see if their defenses can keep you from the treasure inside. Defend yours well, as it will be attacked! You can place traps and create labyrinths as well as minion horde rooms to trick your attackers into falling short of victory. I found this feature quite fun and there was a lot of castles for me to challenge, some better created than others. Definitely one of the high points for me!


So, whether you go on a Global Adventure for the fame, the money, or just the tongue-and-cheek company and art style, you will find yourself having a blast in Global Adventures! The game plays very smoothly and features interactive cutscenes where you can click on a treasure chest to get extra loot; something I’ve never seen done in any MMO yet. The game’s mechanics are simple, but keep you on watch for when to dodge or lunge in to attack. Since it’s a top down side scrolling style in the dungeons, you can sometimes get disoriented, but it’s not too hard to get used to after awhile. The camera changes into odd angles at times, but overall it seemed pretty smooth and functional.

The biggest downside I saw in the game was the massive lack of players. At the time of this review, there was about 40 players split between two guilds. Since the dungeons get to the point of needing a party, they have this system in place that will spawn in NPC allies to make up for going in alone, but they’re not always the smartest of allies so it leaves a bit of a wedge into the endgame gameplay with such a low playerbase. Other than that though, I had a blast and the game’s story was quite fun to watch the scenes for since it played out like an Indiana Jones movie. So, if you like Tongue-and-cheek cartoony style games with an Indie vibe to them, this one’s worth trying out!


Global Adventures Official Website

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