Divine Storm Review

Divine Storm is a top down browser based MMORPG set in a large fantasy world where evil is running rampant. You take on the role of a hero fighting for the side of light. As you level up, you become more capable of unleashing deadly combos upon your enemies, and can even have a pet assist you in your journey. You start off with the task of rescuing various important characters and get dragged into something even bigger as you continue through the game. While the controls are quite basic and simple with click movement, the overall game holds an interesting story with a classic feel to it.

Character Creation

The character creation in Divine Storm is very basic with no actual customization, much like any other browser MMORPG. You can however choose between three classes and both gender variations of each. Like most other MMORPGs, you have the basic classes of Warrior, Mage and Marksman/Archer. The warrior takes on the frontline as the tanky class. The mage is capable of unleashing power aoe combos as well as assisting their allies with miner healing. And lastly, the Archer class is a high powered DPS class that fights from a really good distance away from combat.


The combat for this game is extremely basic with mouse movements to control the character. You click to move around, click to target enemies, and use the number keys for your skills, or you can click for those as well. As you level up, you get access to more and stronger skills capable of various effects. As a mage, I learned a plethora of area spells that were able to lock enemies in place and even throw them backward. Though the combat is like classic MMORPGs, the enemy aggro range is terribly small and you can easily attack from out of their fighting range as a ranged class.

The Story

As you begin your journey, you’re just thrown into a realm full of battles and there really isn’t much to the story to start with. Upon completing the first area, a dragon rider kills your instructor who taught you everything prior to that moment. You are then dragged into a conflict where the elves are being attacked and you’ll have to rescue them and bring an end to the evil that’s plaguing the land. From there it gets more confusing and far more in depth with various races all being attacked by the same evil force that killed your instructor. Overall it’s an interesting story, but very hard to follow since you’re jumping all over between each quest. In a gist, you’re the new angel hero brought to help everyone and end the battle caused by the evil side.


The dungeons in Divine Storm are pretty easy in comparison to many other MMO’s. You can go in solo or with a group, which is great since I tend to play games alone. Each dungeon seems to have 3 boss fights, and 3 stages of the dungeon to go with them, and a bunch of common enemies that block your path between bosses. There are however, various types of dungeons ranging from standard linear dungeon, branching path dungeons, to even some that are like a tower defense game where you have to protect your hero from the enemies while attacking their hero. The further you get into the game, the more difficult the dungeon naturally, but you can still solo everything for the most part if you’re cautious enough.

Pets and Mounts

Like the gear, skills, and your character itself, you can level up pets and mounts to become better as well. As you progress through the game, you’ll be given a mount, a pet, and an elf companion to assist you in your quest. Each one of these three can be levelled up and change appearance based on their personal levels. The pet is a permanent combat companion that enemies don’t harm, basically just an extra bit of dps to help you out that learns new skills with each rank. The mount is of course your mount and it gets faster as it levels up. And lastly, you have your elf companion, which acts as a sort of enfusion that gives you access to an additional skill based on the elf’s element. With as many options as you’re given for combat assistance, you can create a unique combination best suited for you to go against any situation you may encounter during your journey. For me, this was the highlight of the game, since I really like freedom of being able to have my own combination of skills and pets.


While the game is extremely simple and barely populated by players, it seemed to be enjoyable for a bit. The story is interesting yet confusing at the same time, leaving you wondering what will happen next and why things are going the way they are. I enjoyed the dungeons and levelling up my gear and companions as I was playing, which was the best part since I really wanted to see what they would look like at the next stage of their growth. Dungeons are pretty easy, and the ones that require groups usually fill up quickly, even though you’ll rarely see any players. The controls are basic mouse controlled movements and combat, so it’s really easy to become good at the game. There is also an “Auto-play” option for those who prefer that, which will make your character play through whatever quests they have available while you’re there or set you up to grind while you’re not. This system makes levelling extremely fast, but you can miss quite a bit of the game’s story if you decide to use that. Either way, Divine Storm is a fun simplistic browser game that offers hours of fun and interesting dungeon gameplay. If you’re a solo player or a group player, this is a good browser game to play if you don’t have a lot of time to play some of the larger games.

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