Crusaders of Light Review

Crusaders of Light is a cross-platform Free to play open world 3D Fantasy MMORPG, recently making an appearance on PC via Steam. Immerse yourself into a massive fantasy world where you can explore and dive into dungeons as early as level 10. With the Desolation Wall falling after 700 years of peace, you will have to join others as you battle your way through hordes of demons to restore peace to your beautiful world once more. The game is overall simplistic and clearly more suited for mobile play, but that doesn’t take away from the charm of it in the slightest. You can pretty much play the entire game one handed, or even enable auto-combat to let the AI do it all for you (albeit very slowly in comparison to real control). These are features that are more attractive to mobile players than those on PC, but nonetheless, it works well with the game’s style. Lets dive into more details about what makes this game special!

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Character Creation

The character creation process of CoL is extremely basic, and offers absolutely no customization other than your character’s name. This is actually, a major step backward for MMORPG’s that don’t have set named characters. Either way, you can still select between a few different classes, although those are basic as well. You can be a Ranger, Warrior, Paladin, Elementalist, or a Mystic, each with their own unique ability sets and specializations that you can branch out from later on. Overall it will lead to roughly about 15 class types to choose from at the end game. The good part about it is that you can swap between specializations at anytime outside of combat, so flexibility is possible for whatever the situation calls for. Not many MMO’s today actually allow class swapping like that, even though you’re not really swapping your core class here, just the specialization within it. After choosing a class and naming your character, you’re sent into the game.

The Game World

While more suited for mobile platforms, this game has a surprisingly beautiful and immersive game world. The cut scenes are amazing and well designed and the world itself looks as though it was hand-crafted to be visually storytelling. Each region is basically an instance inside of a larger continent, so truly open world is a bit of an understatement, and you can’t go to certain areas very easily either. Regardless, once you get a mount, the game world becomes much more fun as every quest will take you to farther away places giving you the option to follow the main story or sub-stories that are taking place all over. The world map consists of what looked like 12-14 provinces/instances regions, which are all fairly large when inside the area map. The best part of the game world for me was exploring the different areas that seamlessly connected as if it were actually an open world, without sudden biome changes like many MMO’s do. If you’re in a mountainous area, there’s not much plantlife and it’s rocky and even has some snow near the top. If you’re in a desert, than it’s sandy and so on. I felt immersed in the game world even though it was cartoony and vibrant because it flows together quite nicely.


While you’re unable to customize your avatar from the beginning, there are thousands of available equips to take care of customization. Every piece of armor has a different appearance, like every weapon has a different appearance. You can wear over hundreds of different outfits to customize your look to be like you desire it to be. Combine equips and other items to create even better ones of a higher grade. There are also 50+ different mounts to choose from as well. If it’s fantastical, it’s likely an option from flying carpets, to giant wolfs/tigers, to dragons and glowing creatures. So in a sense, you still have a ton of customization post-creation, but overall, your base appearance will be the same as anyone else who chooses that class.

Multiple Paths to Play

From the main story to several side quests and sub-stories, you’ll have over 300 hours of gameplay ahead of you if you desire to follow everything. There are multiple paths that you can take throughout your quest to save the world with your fellow heroes, each with their own set of goals and changes to later quests. Some of the sub-stories are almost like an epic on their own, while others are the generic escort quests that every MMO has. The option to choose which path you want to take is entirely up to you and that’s what makes it fun since everyone’s story could potentially be wildly different.

Battle Modes and PVP

PVP in Crusaders of Light is interesting. There are several ways to enjoy the thrill of PVP, and proving your skills in battle against the other players. First, you have arenas, which are the standard 1v1 or 3v3 or 5v5 style battles that are basically death match styles. You can compete in those to earn some really nice equips, but you’ll likely have to invest a good amount of time to get there since they’re not cheap. The second set of arenas follows a MOBA style setup, where you’re on a team of 10 players against 10 other players in a large scale battle where you control locations and earn points until victory. There are two types of this mode as well, one where you are yourself and your own class with relatively equal players, and the other puts you in the body of an elf where you battle with whatever you can pick up from the ground. You’ll have to be quick to get equipped in that mode or you’ll be taken out very fast since it drops you right into the battle zone with a bunch of equips scattered all around as pickups for you to use. It was definitely a unique feeling for large scale PVP like that. You also have a battle royale mode where you can put your survival skills to the test and see how long you can survive against waves of enemies.

In a guild, you’ll be able to participate in a 40 man raid/dungeon diving instance as well to earn epic loot from massive bosses that have some harsh mechanics to avoid when fighting them. To me, these felt a bit like Rift’s raids which was pretty fun overall. In some areas they felt a bit clunky with so many players present, but overall it was a lot of fun. Your guild will also have daily quests, boss challenges, and other types of battle events that you can do together as well, but those are all fairly easy and basic like in most MMO’s.

Other Stuff

While not things I could consider major parts of the game, there are various other things to do and enjoy. For example, you have an ingame “selfie” button, that allows you to take some really nice screenshots with your character as the center of the show. You can also go to your guild’s base and explore the fun stuff that your guild leader upgrades. There are some tours you can enjoy the ride on as well when following your journey to get an overhead view of the regions on the back of a magnificent dragon. That’s just the tip of it, and there is so much more that makes this little gem enjoyable.


So, if you don’t mind cartoony and vibrant graphics, Crusaders of Light offers a fun experience to those willing to look passed some of its flaws. While the player base is quite large, most of it is mobile players, and most of them are high level or capped, making getting into lower levelled dungeons a pain. Each dungeons requires at least 3 people, so if you’re trying to play solo, you can forget it because you can’t even enter without three people. To me, that was the biggest problem and also why I joined a guild. With a guild, you can usually get the assistance you need to get things done that can’t be otherwise soloed. The community is pretty friendly and helpful towards new players as well although quiet for the most part (again because they’re mostly mobile players). For a cross platform game, this one has great graphics and an intriguing story to it that easily immerses you into the overall picture it is painting. Overall, it runs very smooth, looks nice, and has more benefits than flaws, but it can be clunky and frustrating at times when waiting in ques for battlefields or a party for dungeons. Either way, I enjoyed Crusaders of Light, so if you’re looking for a fun cartoony game that is a good one to play with some friends, check this one out and see if it’s for you!


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