Forsaken World Review

European Mythological Vampires and More: A Forsaken World Review
by Dworkin, MMO Games Reviewer

With vampires becoming more and more popular in today’s world, Forsaken World seeks to capitalize on this while adding in some European mythology into the mixture. Is it a good formula?

Starting Your Journey

Players already familiar with the standard MMO formula will feel at home at the controls of Forsaken World, a free-to-play MMO developed by Perfect World. Set in the fantasy world of Eryda, the title places focus on hardcore player versus player gameplay, vampires and European mythology.

The character one creates has a few limitations based on race, which is explained by the fact that certain races don’t have the right kind of aptitude for certain classes. For example, only humans and elves have the raw talent to heal while humans and kindreds have the proper agility to cloak themselves in the dark as assassins. In all, there are five races and eight classes to choose from. Continue reading

Lord of the Rings Online Review

Lord of the Rings Online Review: An Expected (but Great) Journey
by Dworkin, Contributor

Lord of the Rings Online is a polished but traditional MMORPG which lacks a large-scale PVP mode but more than makes up for it with topnotch 3D graphics, player housing and epic, story-driven quests in which players can help the Fellowship and the Free Peoples in the fight against the Dark Lord Sauron. Continue reading