Dragonbone Dynasty Review

dragonbone review

Dragonbone Dynasty Review
by Zach Tolle (ZTolle52 @ twitch)

Dragonbone Dynasty review

Dragonbone Dynasty is a relatively new RPG game that is exclusively on PC. The very first thing I enjoyed was not having to wait hours for a game to download because you can play the game directly through their website. It took less than 5 minutes to go on the site, create an account, and start playing.

When you first start the game, it gives you the choice of a few different characters to play from. They all look uniquely different which I think speaks to the creativity on the game designers. Each character also has different base stats, starting gear, and different fighting abilities. After you create your character, you choose a name and load into the game.

Like most all RPGs, you start the game with a simple quest that allows you to gain some easy currency and experience for your character. When completing the first few quest, the game auto paths to help you complete the quest and fast as possible. I really like this to start out a game because it doesn’t allow for new players to get lost, or not know where to go next.

But, for those who seems to get a quick grasp on the game can simply turn off autopathing by clicking anywhere on the screen. But don’t worry, if you accidentally turn off the pathing, clicking on the quest will turn it right back on.

Now let’s talk about in game combat fighting. The combat that occurs in the game is not very unique, but still is very enjoyable. It is simple turned based combat where you choose the abilities of you and your allies to defeat the team of enemies you’re facing.

Dragonbone Dynasty MMORPG

Like I said before, each character has their own unique abilities that do add some creativity to the combat if you play the different types of characters. The first few fights, the game tells you what abilities to cast to help wipe out your foes, but as the game goes on, you have to decide for yourself based on the enemy you’re facing and your combat stats on what abilities you should be using.

I could very well see how the combat does get difficult as the game goes on when there are so many different combinations of abilities that both you and your enemies can use. So we covered the base of how the game works and how it does have some unique aspects to it while still staying true to an being an RPG.

Now its time to give an honest review of other aspects of the game that I think is important to having a successful RPG. Although the graphics are not 100% ideal, I have also seen plenty worse from other similar games.

I do appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to multiple things in this game such as background scenery, the look of player abilities when fighting, and the creativeness of the armor and weapons on all the different NPCs.

That being said I am pleasantly surprised about how smooth the game actually is. I do not use any super computer setup, but I was able to run the game without any issues at all. That is very surprising for a game that didn’t have to be downloaded on the PC and you can just play it from your web browser.

Dragonbone Dynasty browser MMO

OK now lets review the plot you’re supposed to be following and how it stacks up to other very popular RPGs. Being an RPG fan boy, this game did not disappoint me as much as I originally thought. I was very skeptical coming into the game thinking it would just be another very simple and boring plot. But, I actually took the extra time and read all the dialect and the creators did not disappoint.

Final thoughts and do I recommend this game: Overall, I was not disappointed in this game. If I had more free time on my hands I could see myself playing this more. There are a lot of positives about this game. I would like to see how much more the story of the game develops and if any changes are made over the next few months. The only true negative that I did not mention this review was that there are some pay to win aspects of the game that I just do not enjoy overall from games. But, if you’re looking to try something new and play a fun game for free this one is for you!

Felspire Review

felspire featured review

Felspire Review
Guest Review by Cole

Felspire is a fantasy-based MMORPG in which you, the player, take on the role of an adventurer thrown into the chaotic remains of the world, abandoned by the Gods both peaceful and benevolent, and cruel and sadistic. These very Gods are the source of the devastation, having started a war in which both the immortal sides of good and evil found themselves facing off, with mankind forced to try and survive between them. With their absence, chaos has taken over, and creatures of the abyss have infested all the lands which they can reach. It is up to you – and the few other remaining adventurers – to attempt to combat the darkness, and restore peace to the world.

felspire review

Now if only the game were as good as its description…


The design of the game is not all too unique, but nor is it all that bad, either. The graphics are of a more classic HD style, maintaining a simple, but still visually pleasing overall design. For a game that requires no download, but rather merely internet access without high system requirements, this is pretty good.

The soundtrack is severely lacking, in that there is no soundtrack. No music, nor anything similar, can be found in the general world, or anywhere else in the game. The only sound to be found is a generic “attacking noise” (which will be heard each time your character attacks, regardless of what style of attack takes place) and the grunts and calls of the beasts and enemies which players will find themselves facing. Admittedly, the latter is not bad, but the former will quickly grate on the average player’s nerves after continuously fighting for more than a minute or two. My advice? Play in silence, rather than using the game’s offered sound systems.

felspire combat


Good luck having an original character in this game. Players have the initial option of three general classes: Mage, Archer, and Warrior. I do not think there is much explanation for these, as they are the very same classes which can be found in just about any fantasy role playing game, regardless of the format. If players reach level 120 (which should not take long at all), then they will have access to a fourth class – Saint – which can attack with a mount, as well as basic attacks found by the other players. How one would switch to this class, however, is a mystery, given the game does not give any noticeable way of swapping out characters once the game has begun, nor does it have any noticeable login/logout feature within the game.

There is no customization for the characters whatsoever, beyond choosing a nickname, which can be randomized into gibberish for those lacking the creativity to come up with their own name. Genders for player characters are restricted to a very simple class structure: Mages are female, and every other class is Male. If you want your character to seem unique, track down some new equipment in-game and give them a garbled nickname. Guaranteed you will stick out, if only a little bit.

The NPCs (non-playable characters) found within Felspire suffer the same issues as the player characters themselves – lack of originality. Honestly, after speaking to some of the characters, I would swear that I have seen an expy of each and every one in other games. The only thing that makes them stand out from other characters is their name, and their style of dress. Their speech and mannerisms do not change much, if at all.

felspire quest


Players have access to the same features one would expect from your average MMO game (ie: forming guilds with other players, open chatrooms for player discussions, and ranking amongst players). Beyond that, there is not anything inadvertently unique about this game.

Felspire gameplay was – at best – poor. Everything is controlled via the mouse and keyboard (as one would expect of your average MMO game), with the player having the opportunity to take on quests, fight monsters, and spend real money inside an in-game “mall” to acquire more and unique equipment.

However, the game holds one feature that utterly ruins it: autoplay. Normally, this is a harmless feature which can be found in several (if not all) MMO games, allowing a player’s character to move seamlessly from one checkpoint to the next without the player being forced to scour the map for their next location. However, this game has cranked it up to the next level – and buried themselves in the process. Autoplay in Felspire can essentially run the game by itself. If a player is idle for more than a minute or two, it will automatically start, and the player’s character will continue on their quests and communication without them. Even things such as continuing dialogue is done automatically. As a test, I left the game running by itself for five minutes. Upon returning to the screen, I found my character had leveled up immensely on its own – which brings me to my next complaint.

The game is too easy. I have played games meant for children that was more difficult than this. There is next to no challenge, and with autoplay, the laziest of gamers can easily become one of the top competitors, without lifting a finger.

To make matters worse, the game has an exceedingly irritating feature in the form of in-game events. While the game allows you to minimize the initial sections advertising these events, there is nothing stopping the game from advertising them across your screen, with no ability to remove them from your site. All you can do is wait for them to disappear on their own, and hope they don’t cover your view for too long.

Felspire Review: Conclusion

All in all, Felspire is most definitely not a game I would even consider recommending to anyone else. In fact, I would rather use it in warning: games that are advertised as “the best” and look to have every aspect of a great game may quickly prove to be one of the worst. Do not waste your time, or your computer space attempting to play this. It is just not worth it.

League of Angels Review 2015

loa review

League of Angels (LoA) is a free to play browser MMORPG with hybrid gameplay (turn-based/strategy combat) developed by Youzu Interactive. It was first launched in North America in January 20, 2014 and was quite popular. Now that it is 2015, it is time to take a look at the pros and cons of playing LoA. Below is a review by guest writer Duncan that details the good and bad things he experienced when he tried out LoA.

League of Angels Review 2015
Guest Review by Duncan
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Everquest II Review

eq2 feature

Everquest II (EQII) is the bestselling sequel to the original Everquest massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Set in a time called the “Age of Destiny,” 100 years after the Everquest storyline, EQII was first released in 2004 and continues to be a very popular game.

Everquest II Free Heroic Character

One of the interesting things about the game is the offer of free heroic characters. All new players can now play on a high level character, complete with “a full complement of gear, food, drink, and ammo to get you started.” The max level is 95 and the free heroic character is level 85.

Although at first glance this might seem to be a ridiculous way to run a game, for EQII it makes sense because it is now 10 years old. Most of the older existing players are, of course, maxed. Giving newcomers a high level character straight off the bat lets them experience the high level areas and content that the community is most actively playing.

If you want to give it a go, click on the link below to sign up for a new account at the official website. Download and install the game. At the character select screen, you can chose to either create a level 1 character or “Create Level 85 Heroic.”

Link: Everquest II official website

Everquest II Review

Guest Review by Duncan

When you play an MMO, you almost always know what to expect, with massive game worlds to explore and a plethora of quests that await you. However, the thing that sets a game apart from the others is the community, the amount of content that is added after the release as well as the appeal of its world. Everquest II, pretty much like its predecessor shows us the massive world of Norrath where nothing is impossible and in which I can create my own fate!


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