Best F2P MMO Games 2013: New Releases Only

We have been talking about the top free MMORPG 2013 all the time on other posts but this time we will cover only the new MMO games that have been released this year. Since it’s only August this Best F2P MMO Games 2013 list will be updated as more new MMOs are released.

Most of these games have already been discussed on other posts so this will be more of a short overview of what’s new in 2013.

Only free to play MMOs are featured. Some are still in open beta but are expected to be officially launched in the next few months. A good variety of different kinds of MMO games are listed here from 3D fantasy to browser and shooter games.

Best F2P MMORPG Games 2013

prime world

Prime World

A new open beta action MMO that combines the best of RPG-style persistent hero development, player-vs-player and castle building. In short, this is a mixture of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) gaming and city-building. It’s very good variation of the usual MOBA game mechanics.

Link: Prime World website


Wartune Open Beta

An unusual new strategy/RPG hybrid MMO, Wartune is played on your browser. It features the usual city-building strategy gameplay like building and upgrading structures, recruiting troops, managing resources, and so forth but with a twist – your character can adventure RPG-style. Wartune is a fun f2p MMO game with dungeons, PvP arenas and battlegrounds, guilds, world boss fights and farming.

Link: Wartune open beta

grand voyage

Grand Voyage Open Beta

Grand Voyage is a new browser MMORPG that launched its open beta last Nov. 6, 2013. This game is all about maritime trade routes and the player economy. Players set sail and buy goods at several different ports that each have different products available. Prices of items refresh every 30 seconds and change depending on supply and demand. For example, if players buy more of a certain product then the price of that product will rise. In addition, players can also indulge in exciting ship-vs-ship and cross-server sea battles.

Link: Grand Voyage Open Beta


Neverwinter Open Beta

Recently released to the public on April 30, Dungeons & Dragons’ Neverwinter is a new f2p open beta MMORPG. Players can enjoy a ton of great features such as action combat, epic stories, challenging instanced dungeons, and classic roleplaying in Neverwinter. In addition, a robust content creation tool has been developed which will allow players to create their own adventures which they can then share with their fellow players.

If you are going to play just one new MMO this year then you should pick Neverwinter. The first Western Triple A MMORPG to launch as free to play, Neverwinter does it right with no “locked” content. It’s refreshing to play an MMO with no awkward restrictions like in other games. It is even quite possible to play up to the max level without having to spend a dime.

Link: Neverwinter website

duel of champions

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

A new MMO trading card game (MMOTCG), Might and Magic: Duel of Champions, has finally been launched in North America. The game is played between two hero characters. To win a player must reduce the other hero’s health to zero through choosing spell, monster, fortune or event cards during each turn.

Link: Might and Magic: Duel of Champions website

world of warplanes

World of Warplanes

One of the most anticipated MMO games of 2013, World of Warplanes, has entered its open beta testing phase. World of Warplanes is a free to play flight combat MMO game that features realistic aircraft models from the 1930s to the 1950s. Players form teams of 15 and compete to eliminate the other team’s planes and ground targets. Matches last around 15 minutes each and are quite fun. Unlike older flight sim games that have complicated controls that are difficult to handle, World of Warplanes has been praised for its clean and intuitive user interface that is easy to control even with a mouse (no joystick needed). The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, too.

Link: World of Warplanes open beta download page

naruto mmorpg

Ultimate Naruto

Now in open beta, Ultimate Naruto is a new browser MMORPG with excellent anime-style graphics. Players control not just one ninja but a whole ninja team of up to 5 ninjas. This is a very popular webgame right now. Players enjoy the surprisingly deep story and the large amount of free content available. Guilds are also very active in the game so this is a good choice for social players who are looking for a no download MMORPG.

Link: Ultimate Naruto official open beta signup page

Best F2P MMO Games 2013

Thank you for reading. Please do note that some of the open beta games are still under development and bug testing so while they are all playable there might be some glitches. If you have any comments or suggestions please use the comment form below to submit your feedback. Comments are moderated which means they will not appear immediately so please don’t submit more than once.

Why new MMO games? Many players prefer to try out new games because they often have a lot of giveaway events. The player community is typically smaller compared to older, more established games and this gives players a good opportunity to socialize or form guilds that can easily become famous or dominate a server.

The games listed here have been chosen because they are new and show a lot of promise. We also took the time to pick a lot of different types of MMO games so that every player can find one that best suits his or her preferences.

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