HeroWarz Review

HeroWarz is an action based MMORPG published by KOG Games on July 20th 2016. This is by far the best game MMORPG game I have review over the last year. Usually after I play a game to review it, I play for a few hours for a couple days after I finish the review and never load it up again because although the games have good qualities, they aren’t addictive enough to play for me. This is the complete opposite for this game. I was so excited to finish this review because then I could continue to play the game and get better and be the best!

HeroWarz screenshot

HeroWarz is pretty new but there are a lot of people playing.

In HeroWarz, you choose between a wide variety of charters and travel through different worlds completing quest in order to gain experience and grind out over 100 levels. If you play a character and you’re not happy with them over a period of time, you can easily switch between the mass variety of different heroes each with their own strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and play styles. You can fight through endless waves of enemies in order to summon a final boss”mob which allows you to level up at a rapid rate and also acquire very good rewards.

Another great aspect of this game is the ability to change each areas difficulty which provides a further challenge to players and then benefits them with better rewards after completion. The game highly encourages playing with friends and in groups to help you conquer tough areas together and all reap the benefits. The game can easily be compared to Diablo created by Blizzard, but more cartoony.

The combat system of this game is remarkable. It starts with your heroes attacks and abilities, for every level, you gain a skill point. With these skill points you can chose to learn a new ability, or level up a currently ability and make it stronger.

HeroWarz combat

Fun combat is HeroWarz’s strong point.

Since the game is so new, people are constantly trying new level paths on the wide variety of heroes to see which path will create the strongest heroes. You must constantly pay attention to not only the cooldown of certain abilities, but also the must be very aware of your positioning even you reach higher levels of difficulty. Another thing you have to consider when leveling up abilities is the gear you have. Some gear will suit some players with certain skill level paths then others.

The main aspect of this game that makes this game unique is the incorporation of the MOBA-styled PvP arenas. Each player gets 5 skill abilities and gains experience by killing the enemy heros. Like any game, it takes practice to learn how to use your abilities while also playing attention to your opponent’s abilities and their cooldowns as well. The MOBA PvP system also promotes playing with friends because you will be more successful in PvP if you’re able to communicate with your team and know who to focus in fights, where to move to, etc.

I do have a few dislikes with this game at its current state. The game was originally created in Korea and the dialect was Korean then translated into English so sometimes the story dialogue is hard to follow because the translations aren’t always so smooth. The only other complaint I have is that the game is hard to start up at first. You have to install certain plug ins and then go through a long download process before you even start playing. But, neither of these should ever stop someone from trying this game!

HeroWarz game review

HeroWarz just finished it’s closed beta testing phase 2. This is by far the best game MMORPG game I have review over the last year.

Like I said before, I am so excited writing this review is over so I can hop back on and play through more and more levels while testing myself in the PvP combat of the game. I highly recommend this game to both MMORPG fans and even those who really enjoy MOBAs such as Dota 2 and League of Legends because this game certainly wanted to appeal to both groups of players and I think it has done just that. I expect that over the next year or so, this will be one of the more popular games not only by player base, but also for have a huge viewer base for those who stream on Twitch. This is due to the fact that a streamer could grind this game for hours, and also be able to focus both on the game and his chat without sacrificing too much.

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EverEmber Online Review

EverEmber Online is very charming and retro free to play MMORPG with old school graphics. It sort of looks like a mixture of Runescape, Ultima Online, and Endless Online. The website for the game is https://everember.com/.

Story and World

EverEmber MMORPG review

Ever Ember Online is an MMORPG set in a wide open world devoid of any need for main objectives or quest lines that define the experience you have with immutable step by step directives to satisfy a story. Instead you decide how you want to play – creating your own stories by freely exploring the landscapes of Ever Ember and completing tangential missions that roughly weave together this personal eclectic through line.

The wonderful thing about Ever Ember’s world is that is it easy to navigate and maintain a sense of direction as you wander aimlessly. In some similar games you can easily get lost in a labyrinthian mess of roadways in all directions and even caves systems that are not part of any map. Ever Ember makes simple yet distinct transitions between towns that are themselves memorable enough to mark them permanently on your mental map. 

The evident intent with Ever Ember is to recreate that feeling of 90s and early 2000s classic games, and it achieves this in a few key ways that it presents the world to the player. The first is the beautifully detailed pixel art style that is closely reminiscent to the time complete with minimalist animations that despite being somewhat rigid exude a sort of cozy warmth that wraps you up into the game. The next way it lures you into its world with a little nostalgia dust is through the music. From the moment you step out into the world its as if the game extends a hand to you. The quality and indelible nature of the songs tie the world together and make you feel right at home.  

Finally, the best part about the classic feel to Ever Ember is that it doesn’t entirely hold your hand as you play. You move through the tutorial that gives very minimal basic information, but once you step into that world you are on a journey to uncover all the rest for yourself. The beauty of it is that it develops this sense of discovery that brings with it a positive feeling of accomplishment when you find out how to do something that was once a mystery to you. And if you were to ever be truly lost, the game corrals you into interactions with other players to glean some tips on how to approach things, which fosters this fun, diverse, connected community. 

Controls and UI 

The control scheme continues this emphasis on the games of old with a simple set up that is easy to pick up and play immediately. It boils down to movement with the wsad keys, the control key for interaction with NPCs, and spacebar to pick up items on the ground. You don’t use the mouse for the most part, unless you are navigating the dialogue box or arranging items in inventory. This is great as a way avoid any sort of boundaries to getting started and thus allows you to charge headlong out of the gate and quickly get into the action. 

The screen itself is divided into three sections  that are comprised of a Log of Actions/Dialogue Box, Inventory/Stats, and finally front and center the Gameplay Screen. This design for the UI in coordination with the player screen keeps everything at your fingertips for easy access and quick deliberate action. 


EverEmber Online revoew

Ever Ember Online is a game that is propped up by its strong connection to and influence from classic games, and thus it is not reinventing the wheel, but rather going back to appreciate it. You will do typical things like exploring an open world, crafting, combating dangerous monsters to level up, communicating with NPCs for quests and items or human players for PvP and trading. It even includes a quite well done player based economy that is completely dictated by the actions and reactions by the players within the game. It makes a reliance on player based items through the crafting system and once again nudges you to interact with your fellow players as it is the most effective pursuit in this economy. 

The focus to connect human players by bringing them together through the fundamental fabric of the game makes it this collaborative, living community. Doing anything as a team makes the experience that much more enjoyable – from grinding exp to gathering resources as a unit it converges each players personal stories that form these unique moments. Ever Ember creates this environment that encourages you to play a certain way while leaving you to do as you wish but without compromise in either decision. 


What makes Ever Ember Online great is that even though it has a nostalgic lens it does not limit itself entirely to the mechanics of the past and instead does its best to blend the old and newer ideas together. An exemplar of this idea is the lack of leveling for individual skills. There is no need to engage in some very specific level grinding like woodcutting or mining for hours, and instead the focus is on the primary level alone. 

The game strips it down even further and avoids using any sort of classes to dictate the assignment of your skills that narrows your focus. You build your skills your own way.  


The combat continues the trend of minimalism and limits it to selecting an enemy and holding the attack button as you switch between different attack methods. It is separated into ranged (bows: quick and weaker – staffs: slow and powerful) and melee where you get close to the enemy and wail on them until they drop. It isn’t exactly an invigorating experience but it serves its purpose and gets the job done.  

In terms of magic it felt sort of the same way, but there was only one real problem that created some bafflement. When you get a spell it does not immediately show up in your skills list until you are at the right level, which can be sort of confusing at first and hard track as you may forget you have some powerful spell. 


An unexpected and welcome inclusion was that of a base survival system that surrounds your hunger. There is a meter that tracks your need for satiation and once it falls below a certain level there are stat repercussion that impact your player. So if your player is starving you suffer a debuff of -15% HP and SP until you eat again. This system integrates perfectly with hunting and fishing, which are primarily be used to support your hunger or even feed your health bar. This collaboration adds an extra layer to the experience that works very well and makes for an interesting dynamic that manifest as you progress through the game. 


When you meander through the world of Ever Ember Online you want to soak it all in. It has a wonderful classic feel demonstrated in its detailed art style and nuanced music tracks that culminate in this casual, cozy atmosphere. 

For those that are looking for an old school MMORPG that harkens back to games like Runescape and even old school Pokemon, this is a perfect game to jump into without hesitation.

Tree of Savior Review

Tree of Savior Review

by Zach Tolle (ZTolle52 @ twitch)

Tree of Savior is a Free to play game that can be found on steam. It’s a simple RPG game that seems to have mixed reviews on Steam so I am going to give my honest take on it here.

The download for game shouldn’t take that long. After you click the desktop icon to run the game for the first time, the game has additional installs/updates that need to take place before you actually are able to play the game. What I do like is after the download and updates, every time you start up the game it comes up quickly. Nothing is worse than wanting to play a game and having to wait minutes before the game actually loads and you’re able to play.

Tree of Savior character choice

Tree of Savior – choosing a character

When the game starts you choose which server you would like to play on which right off the bat tells me that the team in charge of operating this game cares enough to not have overloaded and laggy servers. But, make sure if you plan to play with friends that you confirm you’re on the same servers or you will not be able to play together. You then create a name for your “team” which really does not have a lot of significance due to the fact that I played for a while and didn’t see any use of it again besides when you’re checking your experience level.

The game gives you 3 different classes to play from. A wizard, an archer, and a swordsmen, all of which have the option in choosing male or female which is an added bonus to appeal to more players. Each character can also be given a variety of different hair styles and you can even choose which of 2 cities you want to start in. One of the best features I believe is that on each class the game shows you their stats, the most important to me being their difficulty level.

Let’s talk about gameplay, when you start the game does an amazing job with the tutorial. It is simple enough to where you’re not being overloaded with information that you most likely will not remember and have to re look at the controls again or google how to do something.

Also, it is not boring through the first 30 minutes of the game either. I have seen a lot of good and even great games have very poorly designed tutorials that ruin the beginning of the game and make it no fun. The game also adds new abilities throughout the first few levels, but again, it is done well and keeps the beginning story line running smoothly.

Tree of Savior review

Talking with the NPCs around town in Tree of Savioe

As far as combat goes the game doesn’t disappoint either. Again, they start you off with basic instructions on how to be successful when fighting in the game. But the more you play, you learn what different attacks and abilities to use in different situations.

Another added bonus to the game is the easily to follow map at the top right corner of the screen. It gives icons that can be used to find key locations around you, one being the locations of NPCs you need to speak with in order to continue on or complete a quest.

One of the most surprising aspects of this game is the graphics and design layouts of the different areas. I say surprised because for a free to play game, I have not seen many other games that match up with this games graphics, attention to detail, and overall smoothness the game still has.

Each ability has its own distinct look so not to get confused with other abilities and/or basic attacks. I also enjoy the creativity of the armor and weapons your charter can get. Usually, the higher levels and better armor you receive, the better it looks which I enjoy as a new player because you can see the armor some players are wearing and tell if they are a more experienced player because of how the armor looks. But, that’s always not the case because there are some armor items that have great stats, but look worse than the original armor you’re wearing.

So now that I have covered the majority of features I really enjoy about this game let’s review the one thing that stands out the most to me that makes me not want to play this game all the time. That is the fact that you can buy “TP” that can be used to purchase items and other things in the game that gives you an advantage.

Tree of Savior MMORPG review

Tree of Savior screenshot

The reason I do not like this at all is because I enjoy trying to be the best at the majority of games I play whether it be a MOBA or FPS or an RPG. I do not think that if I spend 50 hours playing this game to its fullest extent and am very skilled at it, that my gear and ability to prosper should be able to be matched by someone who spent 2 hours playing a game and spent $100 to get the best items and gear.

I do not believe that this is 100% the case with this game, but it is still present in the game which makes it kind of disappointing. That being said I understand that the game is free to play and allowing players to buy credits does support the game and keep it afloat.

With everything being stated in this review, I still believe this game is awesome. When I first looked at it on Steam I wasn’t sure on what I was getting myself into. That along with the mixed reviews I had my doubts. But by the time I finished the first few quests, I knew that this would be a game I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy playing in my free time. I recommend for all to download and try it because it might be something you find yourself hooked on. And since it is free to play, what do you have to lose?

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Royal Quest Review

royal quest mmorpg review

Royal Quest is one of the MMOs that tries to bring the Diablo experience in a very refined and seamless way. Not only is the game created with a smooth gameplay in mind, but it’s also a lot of fun and it manages to bring in front all those cool moments that you always wanted. Right off the bat, you will see that the graphics are quite cartoony but that won’t be a problem for most gamers to be honest, instead the title does a very good job at offering you a sense of immersion.

I would compare the game with Torchlight II as that seems to be a similar experience however you do get some nifty MMO features in the range of parties and guilds.

royal quest review


As I said earlier, this is a hack and slash action RPG which means that you do get a very similar gameplay to Diablo. Moving is the same, so is inventory management but there are some things that you can’t find out there. The picking methods are interesting and something I didn’t see until now, not to mention that the title does a very good job at offering you incredible gameplay results.

I do like the attention to detail and I feel that the game does an amazing job with its world. I do wish it would be more populated, because at times the game world seems to be barren and I would like to see more enemies. They seem to be placed manually sometimes and honestly that hurts the experience which is not something the devs intended, I am sure of that. I do like that they work very hard and do tend to offer you all the options you might need, as that’s a great incentive to say the least.

You do get a feeling for upgrading your character and making it more powerful, but at times I did find the gameplay to get a little stale and very grindy. The issue is that grinding takes a lot of time so you don’t even get rewarded for the entire process unless you pour a lot of time into it.

After playing for 10 hours or so you will see that you just can’t find a lot of quests. Even if at first they might seem abundant, they aren’t really managing to deliver the great results you want and at some point they will get stable not to mention that there aren’t a lot of side ones as well.

The enemy variety is great, I like that you have multiple enemies and you don’t have to deal with a reskin of the same one, it shows that there’s a lot of value and time poured into the character creation which is certainly a plus.

royal quest review 2017

The talent tree is large and filled with great ideas you can check out. There’s also a stunning attention to detail when it comes to music and even if the graphics could be better, I do think that they did a really good job with the character models and the game world as a whole. Considering that this is a free game, you get a lot of value for not paying anything.

There aren’t that many subclasses to begin with, but there is a lot of fun to be had and the entire experience tends to get stale after a while. It does deliver a good sense of immersion at first and I did find the game to have a very pleasant appeal from beginning and up until the end.

An issue I found is that despite being an MMO that’s free to play, you don’t find many players. It’s a good idea to play it with friends, but I am a little disappointed that you can’t play it with too many gamers out there.

The reason is that everything here seems to be quite generic. There’s not that much to make it stand out. Everything you see was integrated in another game beforehand and even the PVP seems to be forced in the title with no fluidity like you can find in other similar experiences. It’s not bad, it’s just not as good as you would expect and that’s unfortunate to say the least.


The interface is interesting and I did find the overall customizability a very good thing. It delivers a great sense of detail and it also enables you to maintain a good focus on results. It also creates an extraordinary and fun experience to begin with, which is what you want in the first place. Royal Quest does an nice job with all the elements in its hands but as I said, it does tend to feel generic at times and that’s a shame considering there is an effort placed into this experience.


Should you play this game? Since it’s a free to play title you won’t need to pay anything and that is a big plus. But there are many free to play titles out there so does this one stand out? Unfortunately that is not the case. While playing Royal Quest I had a constant state of déjà vu all the time. Not only you get to see similar environments and characters, but there aren’t too many quests to begin with and it’s just not as entertaining as it should be at first.

The game does however deliver if you didn’t play that many action RPG games before. It’s not something fresh, but it is functional, the interface is good and there’s enough value to last for some time. But it’s stale, it doesn’t innovate and it might not be the best choice out there considering how many RPG titles you can find on the market. I liked Royal Quest but if you want a solid RPG to play for hundreds of hours, I do feel this might not be the game you want. So just try and check it out, then see for yourself if it’s worth your time.

Dragonbone Dynasty Review

dragonbone review

Dragonbone Dynasty Review
by Zach Tolle (ZTolle52 @ twitch)

Dragonbone Dynasty review

Dragonbone Dynasty is a relatively new RPG game that is exclusively on PC. The very first thing I enjoyed was not having to wait hours for a game to download because you can play the game directly through their website. It took less than 5 minutes to go on the site, create an account, and start playing.

When you first start the game, it gives you the choice of a few different characters to play from. They all look uniquely different which I think speaks to the creativity on the game designers. Each character also has different base stats, starting gear, and different fighting abilities. After you create your character, you choose a name and load into the game.

Like most all RPGs, you start the game with a simple quest that allows you to gain some easy currency and experience for your character. When completing the first few quest, the game auto paths to help you complete the quest and fast as possible. I really like this to start out a game because it doesn’t allow for new players to get lost, or not know where to go next.

But, for those who seems to get a quick grasp on the game can simply turn off autopathing by clicking anywhere on the screen. But don’t worry, if you accidentally turn off the pathing, clicking on the quest will turn it right back on.

Now let’s talk about in game combat fighting. The combat that occurs in the game is not very unique, but still is very enjoyable. It is simple turned based combat where you choose the abilities of you and your allies to defeat the team of enemies you’re facing.

Dragonbone Dynasty MMORPG

Like I said before, each character has their own unique abilities that do add some creativity to the combat if you play the different types of characters. The first few fights, the game tells you what abilities to cast to help wipe out your foes, but as the game goes on, you have to decide for yourself based on the enemy you’re facing and your combat stats on what abilities you should be using.

I could very well see how the combat does get difficult as the game goes on when there are so many different combinations of abilities that both you and your enemies can use. So we covered the base of how the game works and how it does have some unique aspects to it while still staying true to an being an RPG.

Now its time to give an honest review of other aspects of the game that I think is important to having a successful RPG. Although the graphics are not 100% ideal, I have also seen plenty worse from other similar games.

I do appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to multiple things in this game such as background scenery, the look of player abilities when fighting, and the creativeness of the armor and weapons on all the different NPCs.

That being said I am pleasantly surprised about how smooth the game actually is. I do not use any super computer setup, but I was able to run the game without any issues at all. That is very surprising for a game that didn’t have to be downloaded on the PC and you can just play it from your web browser.

Dragonbone Dynasty browser MMO

OK now lets review the plot you’re supposed to be following and how it stacks up to other very popular RPGs. Being an RPG fan boy, this game did not disappoint me as much as I originally thought. I was very skeptical coming into the game thinking it would just be another very simple and boring plot. But, I actually took the extra time and read all the dialect and the creators did not disappoint.

Final thoughts and do I recommend this game: Overall, I was not disappointed in this game. If I had more free time on my hands I could see myself playing this more. There are a lot of positives about this game. I would like to see how much more the story of the game develops and if any changes are made over the next few months. The only true negative that I did not mention this review was that there are some pay to win aspects of the game that I just do not enjoy overall from games. But, if you’re looking to try something new and play a fun game for free this one is for you!