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Star Trek Online Season 13: Escalation Drops April 25th!

star trek online escalation

Things are about to get even more fun on Star Trek Online as Perfect World Entertainment has revealed that the next update is Season 13: Escalation – and it’s happening much sooner than you would think. Star Trek Online Season 13: Escalation is going to first drop for PC gamers on April 25th. Playstation 4 …

Top Free MMORPG 2017 List

top 2017 mmorpg

The top free MMORPG 2017 list is here! If you are interested in playing something new or just want to check out what the MMORPG industry has to offer in 2017, take a look at this list of the most highly anticipated upcoming MMO games. Only MMORPGs are listed. Currently, we are looking for VRMMORPGs, …

Revelation Online Announces First Major Game Upgrade: Stardust

Revelation Online Stardust

Barely one month ago, Game Developer NetEase Inc. and the Publisher B.V. announced that they were taking the game Revolution Online to a whole new level by making it open beta. For all Revelation Online game users who are really into the fantasy world of Nuanor, there’s something even more exciting coming to you …

HeroWarz Review

HeroWarz game review

HeroWarz is an action based MMORPG published by KOG Games on July 20th 2016. This is by far the best game MMORPG game I have review over the last year. Usually after I play a game to review it, I play for a few hours for a couple days after I finish the review and …

EverEmber Online Review

EverEmber Online revoew

EverEmber Online is very charming and retro free to play MMORPG with old school graphics. It sort of looks like a mixture of Runescape, Ultima Online, and Endless Online. The website for the game is Story and World Ever Ember Online is an MMORPG set in a wide open world devoid of any need …