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TopFreeMMORPG.net is an independent website that features top lists, videos, screenshots, news and reviews of the top free MMORPG games online. Our writers are all avid gamers who love MMO games.

topfreemmoThere is nothing too serious here – we don’t think of ourselves as “game journalists” at all. Rather, we are gamers who write for other gamers. We have opinions but we don’t like to rant.

Simply stated our mission is to bring you the best of MMO gaming.

We also fully support the free-to-play MMO business model. This is the future of gaming.

Here in our website we like to have an informal, friendly atmosphere. No snobbery about being hardcore. No whining about grinding. Most of all – no crying over cash shops. Frankly, if you don’t want cash shops or micro-transactions you should really go pay-to-play. Many of us here play both p2p and f2p.

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